TRE: Neurogenic Stress and Tension Release Exercises

TRE: Neurogenic Stress and Tension Release Exercises

Not all stress is ‘bad’. However, unresolved stress can be debilitating, leading to anxiety, irritability, disturbed sleep, addictions, depression and other symptoms that impact the cognitive and interpersonal skills of leaders and employees.

Whether stress occurs at work or in one’s personal life, it’s not only competence that’s impaired. When the body operates in ‘survival’ mode, there can be increased feelings of isolation, loss of trust, a sense of helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness. People can lose their sense of caring and concern for one another with devastating effects on personal and professional relationships. Ultimately, stress and trauma impact not just productivity, but the social structure – and the economy – of any corporation or society.

Working out at the gym, jogging and other forms of physical exercise only partially release deeply held stress. The body has an innate process for releasing unresolved tension that can show up as involuntary shaking or tremoring. TRE offers a revolutionary approach that uses simple exercises to deliberately stimulate this neurogenic response in a safe, controlled way. Once learnt, the effects are immediate. Used ongoingly, TRE gradually releases the body’s chronic holding patterns around stress, tension and muscular pain, promoting improved energy, increased freedom in the body and greater psychological and emotional resilience.

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