What Clients Are Saying

Jennifer’s clients include chairmen, CEOs, senior corporate executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, doctors, therapists, educators, athletes and performers … anyone keen to find a way to achieve more of what they want in their career, relationships, self-expression, and/or life generally.

Testimonials confirm that BreakingThrough often creates greater impact than traditional approaches and generates sustainable results faster than many other behavioural, psychological or therapeutic interventions.

Jennifer Elliott
Founder & CEO
Integrity and Values []

I have counted Jennifer as my mentor, ‘guru’, and guide for almost 10 years now. She is dedicated to being the best breakthrough facilitator there is – and I have not met anyone who comes even close to her.

Jennifer is my ‘secret weapon’ – in my own personal life – and with my clients. I don’t know how she does what she does – but it’s cutting-edge. With laser-like precision – she hones in on stuff that is ‘stuck’ – old patterns – both conscious and unconscious – that have been causing blocks in one’s personal life or business for decades. And like a light sabre – she achieves transformational breakthroughs that are game-changing – often in just one session!

For years, I’ve been regularly introducing Jennifer to my own clients – and they have all experienced her gift. Last year I established a new ‘niche’ mentoring business after selling my previous global CEO mentoring company. Despite my business base being in the UK, Jenny was one of the first ‘specialists’ I invited on board to join as a partner. She is brilliant, talented – and totally committed to using her expertise to ‘Make A Difference’.
David CM Carter
The Mentor, Author of Breakthrough: Learn the secrets of the world’s leading mentor and become the best you can be


Much of our work with City leaders and others focusses on the business value created or lost because of ‘soft’ factors – values, cultures and behaviours. Jennifer’s genius is to enable the personal transformation which unlocks this soft value. She recognises the power of the patterns that limit us. She sees the new patterns that will enable us to more fully realise who we are and what we can be. And brilliantly she supports people to make the change. How she does this is hard to describe. There’s wisdom, empathy and finely honed practice, but there are just some things you have to experience.
Tony Manwaring
Chief Executive
Tomorrow’s Company, UK


Jennifer – Thank you so, so, so, so, much for all your support. What can I say? Since we started to work together everything I do is becoming more coherent. The issues with the team are disappearing as a clear sense of alignment emerges. Somehow my old paradigm (totally untrue by the way) of being without resources is dissolving letting me realise I am a true visionary and I am supported 100% by a brilliant strategist and a brilliant operations guy. It doesn’t get better than that. I acknowledge you from the bottom of my heart!! Thank you!!
Lawrence C. Bloom FRICS
Co Founder, Hanwang Group
Zurich, Switzerland


My shifts have been interesting. Within just a couple of sessions, I definitely felt and acted more confident. Much more confident being myself, not as concerned about how people might react. To the point that someone who knows me bumped into me and texted me later to say that she had noticed the difference! Travelling for business in NYC, I managed to confidently face what would have previously been a ‘difficult’ situation.
A year later, I’m still waxing lyrical about the breakthrough you gave me. You are making a real difference!
James Layfield
CEO & Entrepreneur of the Year (2012)
Central Working, UK


I have always been an advocate of Jenny Moalem’s work and have referred many clients and colleagues to her over the years to help them break through blocks and barriers. I do sometimes forget though how powerful her approach can be, as the amazing changes happen and life then takes off in new directions, meaning the old challenges are forgotten . . . I had recently started a new contract and became aware that communication between the client and I was not always clear – and that I wasn’t feeling valued in our work together. On this basis I decided to start work again with Jenny. Literally within ten minutes of finishing a session with Jenny, the client called saying he was conscious that we needed to have a new remuneration discussion, and since then our working relationship and the level of reward has improved dramatically. We are now planning a new contract for the next six months. Without Jenny’s work I would probably have moved away from the opportunity, or wasted much more time and energy in the negotiation process. Thanks for your great work, Jenny.
Emma Weber
Founder & Director, Lever Learning – Turning Learning into Action


In my role I have been fortunate to come into close contact with several of the world’s leading coaches including Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Dr John Demartini, as well as many other renowned experts. I was so surprised and impressed by the results that I achieved through my early sessions with Jennifer that I have continued work with her. As well as the tangible outcomes that have been achieved, I have gained so much clarity around various ‘challenges’, which subsequently has had a significant, positive impact on a range of key areas within my life. Each session has led to further improvements within the subjects that we have covered, and for me one of the most important aspects of the sessions is that the results have been sustained over the whole period.
Louise Moule
Marketing Director
Vision Pursuit & Empowernet International


Resonance Repatterning is one of my core tools for supporting wellbeing and evolution. And Jenny Moalem is masterful at facilitating the process. I trust her instinct, her intuition and really appreciate her thoroughness. She is also immensely knowledgeable across a wide range of fields and always learning more, which she feeds back in to her work so that it constantly evolves. You’ll find a session with her both very illuminating and useful. Whenever I have hit a roadblock in my life or am embarking on a new endeavour whether personal or professional, I have a session to fully ‘tune’ and align my being to this next step. Repatterning is great stuff and with Jenny you are in wise, sensitive and intelligent hands. Enjoy!
Alexandra Pope
Women’s Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Co-Author of The Pill: are you sure it’s for you?


Saying ‘thank you’ doesn’t really express how much I appreciate the work I’ve done with Jennifer. She has taken me on a great spiritual journey and my life has continued to change in a magical way ever since. As a result of our six sessions, I was able to step away from a spirit-killing job, clear a few addictions and release some heavy emotional baggage that had become difficult to carry. Today I’m at peace with myself and the master of my own destiny, both in my personal and professional life. It’s been a real breakthrough!
Anya Lemeshko
Business Consultant, UK


Thanks for all your support. I am so grateful for the work I have done with you, your advice and your tips. I now know what I want in my relationships – both personal and professional – and I am so much looking forward to the future. Not just a new beginning but a beginning armed with your guidance. So, once again, thank you!
Fortune Barnard
Forshe Management Consulting, UK/EUR

Working with Jennifer has helped me to fine-tune my vision for my business and to make it a reality. Although I have a big vision, I somehow lacked the confidence to believe that it would be well received ‘out there’ in the world. Some part of me was much happier staying ‘small’ – I didn’t want to attract attention to myself, and yet that’s essential for any business to succeed these days. Shifting the roadblocks that were preventing me from moving forward has enabled me to have the clarity and confidence to step out and do what I’ve been longing to do.
At a personal level, this work has helped me to walk my talk and to ensure that self-care has a place alongside caring for my family. Giving myself the time to do what I love has been a major key to managing my stress levels better and to replenishing my energy. It has also been vitally important to understand how even physical ‘symptoms’ actually have an energetic source. By learning how to ‘tune in’ to my body, read the signs – and respond appropriately – I experience far greater levels of wellbeing.
I consider having regular ‘tune-up’s with Jennifer as part of my ongoing personal and professional development.
Dianna Lee
Advance With Health


Repatterning is truly an extraordinary opportunity, a gift, in fact. Through working with Jenny I was able to gain insight, restore clarity and ultimately, clear those aspects of myself that had prevented me from fulfilling my potential. By identifying, understanding and then balancing limiting patterns of behaviour, I have been able to achieve new levels of authenticity and integrity in my relationships, greater awareness in setting boundaries, and innate clarity to set and take action in support of goals. Each session becomes an opportunity to peel back another layer and move forward with my life. Having sampled over 100 different alternative health modalities and disciplines over the years, I found Resonance Repatterning to be both an empowering adventure and a liberating experience!
Robert Beno
Financial Services Institution (Top 100, Fortune 500 Company)


Thank you for an amazing experience . . . It was just what I needed to help me get back on track . . . The way you work is powerful and supportive at the same time – a wonderful, synergistic experience as others shared their insights and the jigsaw began to fit together. Reclaiming my vision and re-affirming the critical role women in business in Australia are playing in redefining business and changing the business paradigm was very powerful for me and sharing that process by being part of the group has given me a huge energy boost. I can’t wait until the next session!
Amanda Ellis
Head of Women’s Markets
Westpac Banking Corporation


The repatternings have helped me to discover another level of self-esteem, inner strength, and empowerment in the workplace providing new levels of enjoyment in my career. I am discovering that I am capable of doing things I hadn’t imagined.
Virginia Austin
Accommodation Manager, Wealth Management Division
Commonwealth Bank of Australia


Since my previous session with you when we worked on my work/career, several interesting things have happened. A colleague wrote to my boss to praise my work and effort, I’m getting acknowledgment for my effort from other managers, and I received a recognition award and gift voucher! It has been a long journey to get this far and I will be the first to acknowledge that I still have a fair way to go. At least, now I am enjoying the journey and appreciating what I have. This has re-affirmed my belief that I attract the things and people I need to my life and I am glad I bought the newspaper and read that article. You have definitely changed my life for the better!
Yvonne Yeo
Business Planning Analyst
BT Investment Management


In a single repatterning session with Jennifer, I experienced a tangible physical connection with my business goals and felt what it means to ‘resonate’ with them. It would have taken weeks or months to clarify these issues on my own. Amazingly, that physical connection has left me with a powerful intention around my goals. Thanks!
Andre Colbert
Managing Director
Maximus Productions Pty Ltd


Resonance Repatterning is a most effective and fast process that drills into what’s really going on for me, clears it, and replaces it with new empowering beliefs so I can get on with what’s important. I shifted from confusion about my direction to having total clarity, confidence and an unstoppable energy to create my business model, and attract clients and staff into my company. The work we did in four sessions fast-tracked my development by about six months – and it was pain free!
Jennifer Harwood
Principal Business Coach & Consultant
Direct Incite


I’ve been working with Jenny, by phone, over the last year or so on both personal and professional fronts. To date, each session enlightens and generates grand differences in my life and my abilities to pursue my goals. By utilizing Jenny’s technique, I am able to make larger strides, than I had in the past with more traditional methods. I have tried both mainstream counseling as well as other alternative methods, and Resonance Repatterning – by far – has brought me the greatest and fastest results. My new business is growing exponentially now and my personal life has prospered in so many ways. I recommend Jenny to all my friends and colleagues here in the States – and I highly recommend her to you as well!
Jo Self, USA
Entrepreneur, Founder & Director
Bon Vivant Savant, LLC


I’ve found Jenny extremely insightful and the repatterning process deeply profound. I am always amazed at the tangible changes that have occurred after the sessions in my creative endeavours, relationships and business activities.
Roland Fishman
Creator of The Writers’ Studio

Having a Resonance Repatterning session for business brings about a very clear and aligned state from which it is much easier to operate. It never ceases to surprise me how profound the changes can be that are induced on the most subtle levels of awareness. It is about getting in touch with what really makes you ‘tick’ and removing all those unconscious patterns that stand between you and succeeding in whatever you have set out to do. Jennifer is highly skilled in working with the repatterning process and I highly recommend her work.
Sandhi Spiers
Life Coach & Counsellor
Founder, Wholistic Business Association